Ongoing Lecture Series

Student Seminar Series, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am in the MOB auditorium. Coffee, tea and a few snacks are served.

Past Lecture Series

October 2018: High Energy Physics (Alyssa Montalbano)

June 2017: Quantum Field Theory (Alex Wijangco)

Astroparticle Physics (Tom Fuesels), T.B.A

October 2016: Nuclear Structure, Rick Casten

Lecture 1 and 2 Masses and Structures For TitanThird LectureFourth Lecture

May/June/July/August/Sept 2016: Nuclear Spectroscopy (Mike Bowry and Jack Henderson)

Lecture 1, Lecture 2Lecture 3Lecture 4Lecture 5Lecture 6Lecture 7, Lecture 8, Lecture 9, Lecture 10, Lecture 11

August 2016: Cosmology (Jonathan Kozaczuk) Link to lecture information

April/May 2016:  Group Theory  (Alex Wijangco ) Link to lecture information

December/January 2015: Experimental Neutrino Physics(Mark Scott)

Oct/Nov 2015: Detector Physics (Daniel D. Lascar) Link to lecture information

August 2015:  Nuclear Physics (Jenna Smith) Link to lecture information

August 2015: Quantum Field Theory (Alejandro de la Puente)

August/September 2015: Nuclear Shell Model (Ragnar Stroberg) Link to lecture information.