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GAPS Announcement with Dr. Reiner Kruecken

this announcement will featuregood news! It will present some upcoming changes that are coming about partially in response to the feedback that you provided to GAPS and management through the All-GAPS meeting and surveys last fall.These changes should affect most grad students for the better! We'll also talk a bit about the status of postdoc hiring (again, in response to feedback you've given).



For UBC and SFU graduate students who spend most of their time at TRIUMF but are not paid by TRIUMF:

  • You will have the option to identify yourself as a “Resident Graduate Student” at TRIUMF, meaning that TRIUMF will know about you even if you’re not on payroll.

  • We’re not entirely sure what concrete benefits this will have, but it makes some progress on closing a big gap in the classification of graduate students (many of whom are called “Visitors” despite spending all or most of their time here) that has existed for a long time.

  • You should email Marcello Pavan or Reiner Kruecken to be designated as a Resident Graduate Student.

For non-UBC, non-SFU graduate students at TRIUMF:

  • Through UBC, you will get a bus pass, extended health insurance and access to UBC facilities and offices (eg. the international students office).

  • Your supervisor will also be required to pay you a minimum required stipend, which is supposed to be consistent with what UBC physics graduate students are paid.

  • This program should begin in September for current students at a domestic university. For current international students, some details remain to be sorted out.

  • For more details, please see the presentation that was sent out after the meeting.

  • If you are not currently on TRIUMF payroll, you must email Reiner Kruecken now in order to receive these benefits.

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