Our Mission

The Graduate and Postdoc Society (GAPS) at TRIUMF takes lead responsibility for the social and educational welfare of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at Canada’s National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics. We are a committee of like-minded volunteers comprising both graduate students and researchers at the laboratory. Through organizing a variety of different events, we are fully engaged with all members of TRIUMF, including both undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and board-appointed staff. Many events organized by GAPS, such as our regular schedule of Physics seminars, are designed for the benefit of students and ensure their experience of working at a premier research facility is an overwhelmingly positive one, whatever the duration of their term. We have also hosted several external speakers from UBC and other Canadian universities to provide valuable transferrable skills and career development advice for young researchers. You can read more about our activities and see our full schedule of events on this website. 


GAPS Committee


Mike Bowry

Deputy Chair:

Nir Nevo Dinur

Committee Members:

Brian Kootte

Carla Barquest

Doug Storey

Maryam Mostamand

Mike Bowry

Ragnar Stroberg

Roger Caballero-Folch

Sebastien Rettie

Oscar Javier Hernandez

Support Staff:

Jason Holt - Research Scientist & Program Director

Lisa Lambert - Head of Strategic Communications at TRIUMF


Past committee members:

Alejandro de la Puente

Ania Kwiatkowski

Katerina Katsika

Jonathan Kozaczuk

Julia Even

Monika Stachura - IsoSiM Program Co-ordinator

Travis Martin

Thomas Procter